Kids be crazy at lunch time!

Whether your kids stay at home with you or they head off to school/daycare, there are so many rules and guidelines put in place for parents to follow for healthy lunches for children and frankly it’s getting a little overwhelming. Especially with the media practically jumping down your throat to feed kids healthy snacks but advertising foods that are FILLED with sugar and all the nasty stuff! So today I’m going to give you a few ideas on some healthy kid friendly lunch ideas. Your child may not eat everything here or might not be able to BUT you can … Continue reading Kids be crazy at lunch time!

Pancake Bites

I am a self confessed Pinterest addict, if there is a support group for addicts to Pinterest my husband would be the first one to sign me up! I have been searching for easy, healthy, kid approved snack and lunch box ideas for ages and have come across some terrific ones and some were a doozy. BUT !! I have found a winner! PANCAKE BITES!! I’m all for sneaking in extra goodness into my kids baked goods so when I saw these pancake bites I knew I had struck gold. This recipe is easy and can have so much variety … Continue reading Pancake Bites

Vegan Green Banana Muffins

Don’t get scared by the title but these cupcakes are so delicious, healthy and so easy for an organic healthy snack.¬†Spelt is a healthy ancient grain that can be used a flour substitute. This flour has triple the amount of fiber than white flour and is a great swap for diabetics.¬† My boys love seeing these in their lunch boxes and eating them hot with a little butter is to DIE FOR! Props to Kristin Cavallari for the recipe from her lifestyle book ‘Balancing in Heels’.   Ingredients 2 cups spelt flour 2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda … Continue reading Vegan Green Banana Muffins